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As a specialized notary and law firm, we offer a comprehensive range of services in the areas of construction and real estate law, estate and pension planning (matrimonial property and inheritance law) and corporate law. The focus on these areas of law allows us to express our personal interests and strengths and to offer you comprehensive and high-quality legal advice as well as representation before authorities and courts.  


Our advice should always result in the best solution for you. This means that we communicate openly about the chances, success and prospects of your request. We aim to offer you an end product that is legally well thought-out and understandable for everyone involved. Our client support is personal and uncomplicated, whereby we always treat you as an equal. 


Since we both work in the same fields of activity, there is a lively professional exchange between us. Continuous technical training is of utmost importance to us. We are convinced that the best solutions emerge from joint discourse. Our work convinces with quality, speed, efficiency and cost awareness.


Cron Bloch | Notary + Attorney KLG

Hauptstrasse 68, P.O. Box 127

4132 Muttenz

+41 61 465 90 90


Laura Cron, Notary & Lawyer

Jan Bloch, Notary & Lawyer

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